Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I've been looking at the photographs my brother took and damn, I want to have shots like these. I may not have lomo cameras at the moment but I think the SLR is the way to go. I was thinking of having both of my SLR s here fixed. The shutter release got jammed. Can anyone suggest a good shop for this kind of repair? They look so sad and mopey, sitting at the corner. I also remembered the Polaroid camera I rummaged through last holy week(where can I buy films for this?). It's sitting with the SLR duo looking sorry. And me thinks I have an action sampler inside my bag, and me thinks it's also defective. :( But I got to admit that I'm not that versed with the art of photography yet, but I'm willing to learn, given that I find a person who's willing to teach me the ropes. XD

I guess that's number one on my hobby list next to the web comic I'm trying to conceptualize. =)

I have some characters now and well some funny sketches. I'm trying to look at it as blogging using graphics. I just hope it would come out as what I expect it should.

And when this project goes well, I would update it on a weekly for your reading pleasure. =p

But first me needs to go to Gilmore to buy me some tools yah. I think me needs a Graphic Tablet and a scanner for this. It's hard to edit using a mouse. :p meh wrist!! Oh for the love of...! ='(

Else If any of you knows someone who's selling these items for a cheaper cost then feel free to leave a message and maybe we could work something out. ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I was traversing the dense jungle as I cut through the vines. Darkness is almost dawning. Frustration mixed with the feeling of excitement. It's almost there, just a few miles away. The most powerful artifact of the Mayans is at bay! Then the jungle suddenly felt alive. The vines began to thicken, the wildlife began to stir, as if its almost trying to eat me alive! Then it hit me! I was staring at my room.

It's time to clean up my act! I need to apply "Ockham's Razor" and be definite to what my plans should really be. But 90% of what we planned don't usually go along our way, don't you agree? But plans are there for structure. To have a vague if not clear view of what we want for ourselves. After a few venting and ranting from my previous post, I would like to reflect on what had been said, and what should I do about it. I keep on thinking that life is being unfair with me, that the universe is conspiring against my goal. But I would like to take this as an opportunity to build character. To smoothen my edges as a person, and unburden myself with unnecessary things.

And with that, my head is bit clearer, my spirit is a bit lighter, and my soul is a bit refreshed. My room before is a clutter, but now it's a little less of what it used to be, it's a bit organized, now it's a bit cleaner. =) (ooohh loookie who's that? Me thinks it's Kiba!) :D

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ockham's Razor

So what if I'm restless? I've been awake for nearly fourteen hours now and I still don't know what's bothering me. So what if my thoughts are incoherent? I can't even think properly; I guess a lot of things have been jammed inside my head that I can't sort them all. So what if I just had tuna the whole day?

I'm pissed! I don't know why but I think I am! Hell, I'm not even sure about how I'm feeling right now. I'm undecided about things and that really makes me mad!

I'm frustrated at work, because of some people there; I want to start something new yet I still can't leave without having a clear and definite plan. I think about my expenses, which worries me a lot because the more I think of the money I spend, the more I want to earn and the more that I want things the more that it would frustrate me.

I think this is one of my major problem, the wants. I strike this out, then it would lessen my burden. But isn't that why we work in the first place, to compromise with our wants? But then again, our insatiable. The rat race is beginning to make more and more sense to me, and I think I'm struggling to get myself out of it. But it's not just finances that's eating me; there's something else.

I'm cramming myself to start with my web comic project together with learning a new language, VB net, to be precise. Something to pass time with, but then again there are other things that are in line. I want to start my hobby as a photographer. But it seems that I'm beginning to have less and less time. I'm disorganized!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


240 Million pesos! That's the winning jackpot for the super lotto. Me and some officemates were fantasizing about what we'd do if we won the freaking money. I said I would walk up to my boss and slap him with a briefcase full of money. I bought one ticket with numbers 22-46-21-15-23-32 but i doubt if I would win fortune doesn't side with me very often.

So I was like monitoring the super lotto 24/7 if some lucky bastard had already hit the winning numbers. And when I switched on the TV for the news, BOOM! I got surprised! I didn't win the lotto jackpot but one, ONE lucky bastard got the whole pot!

You could buy a whole island with that money...but then again maybe not. Well enough dreaming about that, I guess its back to work for me.


I've just created a new blog account - it was just on impulse. When a friend of mine told me that he created one, I thought "what the hell, maybe i should create one as well". My thoughts are eating me up and I can't seem to express them openly because of some other shit I have to deal with.
And so I guess, here's the product of my wandering thoughts,of my frustrations or otherwise.

So I'm keeping this small space,just to give you a glimpse of what it is, that's going on inside my head. Welcome to my after thoughts.